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SmokED Peppercorn Steak

SmokED Peppercorn Steak A standard on the menu of any respectable steakhouse is Peppercorn Steak, or “steak au poivre” as the French call it. What Is Peppercorn Steak? There is some debate over the exact origins of this recipe (which French chef, or French king, and what era), but a thick juicy steak served with […]

SmokED Baby Back Ribs

SmokED Baby Back Ribs There’s a lot to love about these SmokED Baby Back Ribs considering they usually have a good bit of meat on them, they cook up in around 5 hours and there’s not a lot of fat to deal with once it’s all said and done.  Prep Time:     15 minsCook Time:    5 hrsServings:        6 Ingredients 1 or more […]

SmokED Pork Belly

SmokED Pork Belly SmokED Pork Belly combines everything we love in good BBQ … smoky flavor of slow barbecued pork dripping with finger lickin’ juiciness. Pork belly is what bacon is made from! It is prevalent in most butcher shops and warehouse clubs. With it more readily available, it’s a great option for making some […]

CandiED Bacon

CandiED Bacon At its most basic, CandiED Bacon (or “pig candy”) is a dessert, appetizer, or side dish made by coating thick strips of smoked bacon with sugar. Brown sugar is the most popular sweetener used to “candy” the bacon, but some recipes call for maple syrup, granulated sugar, or caramel instead. Additional ingredients such […]